The ABC of working with me

A: Let's talk

it all starts here

Tell me how I can help:

KS1 & KS2:: For some families, it's a couple of virtual lessons a week, covering the basics in English and Maths

Other parents like the security of having me suggest a weekly schedule that goes up on the fridge and organises the whole week's learning in outline. I can then devote the online lesson-time to either reinforcing and building on the timetabled learning or extending it by delivering new content.

KS3 & KS4 - I'll work with you and your child to formulate the most appropriate programme of revision and study for English.

11+ - I will conduct a careful assessment of your child's current level and then support you by planning a clear, detailed schedule of exactly what to cover, when and how. I can also point you to virtual Mock exams nearer to the time of the exam.

B: Diagnostics

let's see where your child is right now

If there are gaps, I can re-teach content  

The first important task will be to conduct a  straightforward assessment. No teacher should ever undertake tuition without performing a baseline check. How can you teach for progression and embed skills, if you don't have a clear vision of current status?. 

What matters to me is that we progress, learn and enjoy doing it together. Your child will feel the pride that comes with succeeding in a well-organised curriculum delivered by an experienced professional.

C: Planning & Delivery

what would you like? when? and how often?

We'll put this together TOGETHER. You will be fully included each step of the way.

Think about how your child learns best, their interests and what makes them sparkle. I can build this into my planning and deliver 1 to 1 sessions that are truly unique.

If you and a few friends would like to club together and have your children taught as a small virtual group - no problem. That's simple to organise and has the benefit of them being able to discuss their learning later. Similarly, if there are sibling groups, we can arrange a package to suit your family.

How confident are you in covering the required syllabus? Do you need gentle guidance or a detailed, structured plan? I can deliver exactly what you'd like - even down to appropriate resources, notes and instructions for daily learning.

Lockdown's looking up - with Catch-Up Education!